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  • P. Martin

The sign of the Fig Tree and the Fruits

A man has planted a fig tree and for three years he goes looking for its fruits, but not finding them, he thinks of cutting it down. But the gardener asks the owner to grant him one more year, and during that time he will devote more attention to that fig tree, to make it produce. What do the characters in this parable represent?

The owner represents God the Father, and the gardener is Jesus, the fig tree is the symbol of humanity with a sterile existence, incapable of giving, incapable of doing good. Jesus intercedes before the Father on behalf of humanity and asks him to wait and give him a little more time so that the fruits of love and justice begin to sprout.

In this Lent we can think: What should I do to get closer to the Lord, to "cut" the things that are not going well? We should not leave things for later. Will you be alive next Lent? Let us think today, each one of us: what should I do before this mercy of God that has granted me this year more of life? May the Virgin Mary help us to live these days of preparation for Easter as a time of conversion and spiritual renewal.

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