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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday?



The event of the Christian Pentecost is the continuity of God's saving project, which begins with Creation, then Redemption and now the Sanctification of redeemed humanity.

At Pentecost, the Spirit of the Risen One makes man participate more in divine life, giving him peace, forgiveness and the ability to love in the style of Christ, The New Man.

The disciples of Jesus at Pentecost express with their feelings of peace and joy that they have recovered the life of the Crucified Master, that is, his Spirit. Without any reproach, they have been freed from guilt, disappointments, fears and feelings of abandonment and loneliness. Now they experience the fidelity of Christ, God and true Man, to his promises to continue living among them... to humanize and sanctify the world, to make it more fraternal through the mission of announcing the Gospel and bearing witness to the Risen Lord.



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