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The difficulties we face in our lives often test our faith. Illness, divorce, suffering and unemployment can be some of the temptations that the enemy uses to make us doubt the loving action of God. Our faith, as Christians, is the energy that makes us overcome obstacles and stand firm in God. Every human being faces struggles and sufferings, but there is a great difference between the believer and the unbeliever.

In the Word of God we hear: "Faith is the certainty of what is expected, it is the conviction of things that cannot be seen" (Heb 11: 1). That is, the believer expects, with a certainty that has no human explanation, something that is not palpable. If faith is essential to reaching heaven, then the enemy will do whatever it takes to wrest that faith from people. The world in which we live often seems very far from what faith assures us; the experiences of evil and suffering, injustice and death seem to contradict the good news, they can shake faith and become a temptation for it.

As believers it is necessary to do certain things that will help us overcome crises:

· Ask for help from people who are mature in faith.

· Remember that you have the support of people who really love you and do not judge you.

· It is important to understand that God will never violate human laws and the freedom that He himself has given you. Do what you have to do, on your part, to overcome the crisis. If it is a disease: go to the doctor!

Be certain that God loves you and comforts you. Maturity in faith happens when we, believers, learn that God is not obligated to do our wills at the time we want.

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