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XI SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME. Reflection of the Word of God.

Jesus begins this parable by comparing the kingdom of God with the act of sowing. This parable describes a multiplicity of actions: the sower that sows, the grain that grows, the soil that makes it grow, and the act of reaping. The sower intervenes at the beginning and end of this process, but what happens in between does not depend on him. The sower sows the seed, but the land produces fruit by itself. This structure in itself indicates that the kingdom of God does not depend on the action of anyone, or on anything in particular, but on the mysterious work of God.

The sower sows and trusts that the earth, with the help of water and the sun, will make the seed grow and bear fruit. Just as the sower put seed into the ground, we are called to sow when we live the gospel. In the same way, just as the seed sprouts and grows without the sower knowing how, the Holy Spirit works in the lives of people who hear the gospel. Our task as servants of God is to sow in faith and hope that that seed will bear much fruit.

Jesus continues to teach his listeners with the use of another parable — that of the mustard seed. Jesus asks: “To what will we compare the kingdom of God? What parable will serve us to represent it? " And he himself answers: "It is like a mustard seed." Both this parable and the previous one deal with the growth of the seed, but this particular parable explains the magnitude of this growth.

This shows that it doesn't matter how small our faith is; the important thing is in whom our faith is placed. If our faith is placed in the author and finisher of faith, Jesus Christ, then it will be enough for us that nothing is impossible. God loves to surprise us; God can start with something very small and turn it into something much bigger than we can imagine. The fundamental thing is to have faith. God can do great things out of what humanity considers insignificant.

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