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XII SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME. Reflection of the Word of God.

In the Gospel, Jesus teaches us to face exceedingly difficult situations, when we feel that the difficulty overwhelms us and threatens our own life. It involves the severe storms of life, in which we completely lose control, and we find ourselves in mortal danger.

It can be a serious illness, a family problem, or a situation of unemployment. There are times when it seems to us that the world is sinking at our feet, we cannot discover the way out. When all else fails, there remains the resource of asking for help and entrusting ourselves to God.

We began to understand that being a Christian often means walking against the current. Jesus invites us to "go to the other shore", which is the shore of faith. When it seems that life is about to sink, we must have the confidence of knowing that Jesus lives in his Church and guides her. Christ, the Son of God calms the storm and saves us from sin and death.

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