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USHERS Ministry In the Cathedral of Saint Matthew

The ushers are always needed at every Mass. Before the celebration begins, the ushers greet, hand out the bulletin and welcome the all the assistants to Church; assist parishioners as needed in finding a seat, paying special attention to people with special needs.

During the Mass the ushers are centered in the back of the church and fully participate in the Eucharist. They keep the address of any emergency that may arise. They are also responsible for passing the collection baskets. During the communion, they assist the ministers by facilitating the formation to receive Holy Communion.

Once the mass is over, the ushers greet the parishioners who have come for the first time, answer any questions from the visitors and orient them as required. They also tidy up all benches. They put the books in their proper places and supervise that everything is in order. Service as an usher requires a willing heart and attitude willing to serve God and the Church.

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