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Happy Thanksgiving

On Thursday, November 28 we celebrate Thanksgiving Day! Though Thanksgiving Day is not specifically a Catholic holy day, it certainly goes hand in hand with our life of faith. Gratitude is central to the Gospel message. Thanksgiving Day presents us with the perfect opportunity to look at this particular aspect of our faith. We are called to be eternally and deeply grateful. How grateful to God are you?

We will never be grateful unless we clearly see all that God has done for us. It’s so easy in life to focus in on all the struggles we face and, as a result, to get down, depressed, frustrated and even angry at times. What is far more challenging is to look beyond the crosses and burdens we face each day to see the abundance of grace and mercy given to us by our Lord. Unless we see that mercy and grace, we will struggle greatly with authentic gratitude.

So, on this Thanksgiving Day, reflect upon this simple question: Do I see all God has done for me? Do I see His abundance of mercy alive in my life? Being grateful means, you see the truth clearly. Be open to that truth and God will change your life as He fills you with joy!

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