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  • Fr. Tarcisio

What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? December 8

Advent time is characterized by its conversion message. And the readings we hear in the masses of these Sundays before Christmas, invite us to leave behind everything that breaks harmony with God and with our brothers. These were the words of John the Baptist: get away from injustice, false religiosity, hypocrisy ... prepare the way for our Savior to arrive and we can reach him.

The conversion to which John refers is the one that leads us back to God, the conversion that does not remain in external religious practices but that which bears fruit for the good of the community. It's about connecting faith, (what we believe), with life, (what we do). This is precisely what the apostle Paul writes in the second reading, that we manage to live in harmony with each other (Rm 15,5).

The roads that work are those that allow traffic from one side to the other, those that allow us to communicate and be close. Those are the paths that have to be prepared and arranged, the paths that lead us to God and with which they lead us to meet our brothers; that is the path of conversion.

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