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Beginning of the Catechesis Course

This weekend we have started the Catechism Course for children, youth and adults, who will receive some of the sacraments of Christian initiation: Baptism, First Communion or Confirmation. The purpose is to prepare these brothers and sisters who want to know more about their faith. For this we have the valuable help of the catechists, who voluntarily dedicate part of their time to teach and share their experience of faith.

We have the first contact with faith in our own families. Usually, it is family members who, for the first time, tell us about God and the Church. However, it is also necessary to know a little more with the help of the courses of catechesis or religious instruction offered by the church to deepen and live that faith in a more conscious and committed way in everyday life.

This Catechesis course is an important part of learning the faith, but it is not everything; because, after receiving the Sacraments, each student should continue to strengthen their faith in the family, through the practice of the Sacraments (go to Mass, commune, confess, pray, read the Word of God ...).

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