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Next Tuesday, February 2nd, we celebrate "The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord." In the book of Leviticus (Lev 12:1-8; Ex 13:1-2) there is the command that 40 days after birth a child should be presented in the temple. So February 2nd is the 40th day, counting from December 25th, the date on which we celebrate the birth of Jesus. When presenting a child in the temple, a lamb or a pigeon had to be brought and offered as a sacrifice to the Lord. The Law said that if the family was poor, they could replace the lamb with some pigeons. Mary and Joseph, who were poor, offered two pigeons as a sacrifice on the day of the Presentation of the Child Jesus.

At the door of the temple was a priest, who received the parents and the child and made the prayer of presentation of the little infant to the Lord. Jesus was received by the elderly Simeon, a man inspired by the Holy Spirit, who, full of joy, announced the fulfillment of the promises of salvation announced by God for his people, Israel, and for all nations. But it also announces pain and difficulty for Jesus and his family.

Jesus will cause "some to fall and others to rise." Some will welcome him and their life, their existence will be filled with light and hope. Others will reject him and their life will not be according to God's plans. Today Jesus is still present for us. Will we receive him with the joy with which he was received by the old Simeon? Or will we just ignore him, going our own way, away from the light and the good news that he has brought us?

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