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  • P. Claudio


We begin a new Year, today January 1st, and it is precisely eight days after December 25th, when we celebrate the divine motherhood of Mary.

Today we ask for God's blessing, we ask him to show us her face and grant us peace. His face has been shown to us through his Son, who was humanized in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mary, thus converted into the Mother of God.

The tenderness of God that is shown to us in the humility of a newborn and in the affection of a mother, is a sign of the best gift that God grants us and that becomes a deep peace of heart, inner peace capable of being, in turn, seed of peace among men and among nations, seed of peace in our world convulsed by violence and war.

THE GIFT OF PEACE is a "messianic gift" that comes from above and is based on justice and brotherhood.

May the Peace of God be with us in this 2023 as the best of all his blessings for our world.

Fr. Claudio

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