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How can I help my Parish Community?

After almost seven months without being able to congregate in our parish community, have you asked yourself, How is your community or church to which you belong? We know that these have been difficult times for everyone, for each person, and each family… but it has also been difficult for the Christian community. Have you kept communicated? Have you followed the broadcasts of the mass, the prayers and reflections on social networks?

In these times of social distancing, priests, bishops, deacons and other ministers of the community have also felt the effects of this pandemic. Have you ever wondered how they are? Have you ever wondered if you can do something for them? Surely yes, and maybe you already are.

*Here are some suggestions to support your community:

PRAYER, Ask God for your brothers in the faith, ask for your pastors and for the material and spiritual needs of your parish community.

VOLUNTEERING, when the community needs a service, you can collaborate as a volunteer in the events that take place.

MINISTRIES, you can participate in a community service group.

TESTIMONY, setting a good example as a person and as a Christian; let no one criticize your community for your bad behavior.

ECONOMIC, collaborate according to your possibilities in the material needs of your community.

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