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  • Fr. Martin

“Invite to the wedding feast whomever you find”

In today's Gospel Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a party, a wedding banquet. In life not everything is work, effort, and fatigue; life is also joy and celebration. One of the most significant parties is the one organized on the occasion of a wedding. It is a new lif

e based on mutual love. Jesus compares the Kingdom of Heaven with this joy.

God wants to prepare for us a feast of succulent delicacies, he wants to defeat death, to wipe the tears from all faces. And he wants to do it precisely through Jesus, his Son, and celebrate a loving marriage of God with all people. Accepting Jesus' invitation gives us confidence and strength to live and find meaning even in times of difficulty.

Accepting the invitation and entering the banquet does not leave us as we were: something in us must change. This is the meaning of the party dress; we have to enter into a dynamic of conversion and new life. It is our personal response to God's invitation. It is about participating worthily in the banquet of Christ Jesus, in the Eucharistic banquet, in which he gives us his own body and blood.

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