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Patronal Feast. Saint Matthew Apostle

The Feast of our Patron Saint Matthew is an excellent opportunity to thank the Lord, through the intercession of Saint Matthew, for all the benefits received throughout the year. Above all, for the life that he grants us and for the faith that he has sown in our hearts. The faith that each one of us has is what has allowed us not to flinch from the difficulties we have gone through.

It is because of the experience of faith that we have lived in this community, here in the Cathedral of Saint Matthew, where we attend as a family and feel confident. We have a great sense of belonging to the community and through the sacraments that we celebrate, we receive God's love, and it is what motivates us to keep fighting, to keep believing, and to keep waiting.

We ask Jesus Christ through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and Saint Joseph to help us renew our strength on this feast of Saint Matthew. May he grant us peace and serenity in our hearts so that we can live our conversion to be his better disciples.

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