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  • P. Tarcisio

Reflection of the Word of God, First Sunday of lent, February 26th 2023

Not only of bread the man lives

The synoptic gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke) put this passage of the temptations of Jesus as preparation for his public life. There are three tests specifically: The temptation to be a Messiah with magical and spectacular powers; that of being a Messiah with political and economic power; and the temptation to assert his status as the Son of God to avoid all kinds of suffering. Jesus overcame those temptations and preferred to serve God and his brothers in humility and simplicity.

We also face situations of temptation, when making decisions and looking for the easy way. Let us ask God to give us the wisdom to decide well, to choose what is truly good for ourselves and for others. May we not be guided by selfishness or ambition. Let us not be afraid and let us be guided by the Spirit, to face our trials, those deceitful ideas and projects that we usually have in life. Let's not allow the rhythm of life to carry us forward without giving ourselves time to have a moment of "desert" during this time of Lent, of more intense prayer, of deep meditation. It's not wasted time; for Jesus himself said: "Man does not live by bread alone...".

Fr Tarcisio

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