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  • P. Tarcisio

Reflection of the Word of God, Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 19th 2023


In the first reading, the account of the election of King David, the son of Jesse, clearly tells us that appearances are deceptive. Samuel planned to choose the tallest, strongest and most handsome boy; however, God does not want for his people a good king only on the outside, on the outside, but someone with a strong and noble heart; because "Man is guided by appearances, but God looks at the hearts of men."

On the other hand, the miracle that the Gospel of John tells us also addresses the issue of appearances; of the difference between those who have eyes and cannot see and those who cannot see understand better. Jesus healed a man blind from birth in Jerusalem and this caused a great uproar among the people and the authorities; Some could not believe it, others believed because of the blind man's testimony, but the authorities refused to believe his testimony. The healed man made a path from darkness and ignorance to light; because he did not know Jesus, nor did he see physically, but he knew Jesus, recovered his sight and began to give public witness to the one who had healed him, acknowledging that Jesus was the Messiah.

There are many kinds of blindness: physical, intellectual, spiritual. Almost all of them can be overcome, but this miracle involves the question that Jesus asked the man who was begging next to one of the gates of the temple in Jerusalem: "Do you believe in the Son of man?... He replied : "I believe, Lord."

Fr Tarcisio

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