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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God, October 8th, 2023 Sunday

The parable of the “murderous vinedressers” is a story in which Jesus describes the story of God with his chosen people. It is a sad story. God had taken care of him with all affection from the beginning. It was his “favorite vineyard.” He hoped to make them an exemplary people for their justice and faithfulness. They would be a “great light” for all people.

However, those people were rejecting and killing one after another the prophets that God was sending them to reap the fruits of a more just life. What can God do with a people who so blindly and stubbornly disappoint his expectations?

We are the vineyard loved by God; the Lord gives us a thousand opportunities to flourish. Christ has planted his Holy Spirit in the heart of each of us, in this community, in his Church. And every Sunday he comes to visit his vineyard, to see how it grows, to delight in its fruits: he hopes to receive fidelity, compassion, generosity, and forgiveness from you.

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