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  • P. Claudio

Reflection of the Word of God, Second Sunday of Easter, April 16th, 2023

The Church has celebrated this first week after the holy night of Easter as a great Sunday. The mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus is so great that it has been offered to us as a dense and serene space to savor it and meditate on it in a contemplative way.

In the first centuries of Christianity, the newly baptized at the Easter Vigil continued to wear the white garment during these eight days, a symbol of their newly launched life and their dignity as New Christians incorporated into the Church.

Easter time extends until Pentecost, there are 50 days, a week of weeks, to deepen our Christian life and the dignity of children of God that Baptism gave us. We must celebrate the fiftieth Easter with more intensity than Lent itself.

Let us prepare so that Pentecost is the confirmation of our new dignity as renewed men and women, personally and as an ecclesial family.

May we know how to live the encounter with others to rekindle and share our faith, feeling the living presence of the Risen One among us.

Let us give testimony of unity so that the world believes in The Lord Jesus... as the apostle Saint Thomas did when he reintegrated with his brothers in faith.

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