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  • P. Claudio

Reflection of the Word of God, Second Sunday of Lent, March 13th, 2022

On top of the mountain, in prayer, in conversation with the prophets, Jesus was transfigured, he revealed his total identity. Peter, James, and John gaped at the best epiphany in history, they contemplated a Jesus in his invisible dimension, manifested as the Son of God, the theology of glory in action. As it is not possible to see God and still be alive, the disciples slept and did not know the magnitude of such a sublime revelation, and they could not tell anyone about the experience of the top of the mountain.

Mountain tops are sacred places. Theological places of manifestation of the divinity…

Today, Transfiguration Sunday, the second Sunday of Holy Lent, we are invited to allow ourselves to be transfigured and renewed. May this Sunday meeting as a Church, as an assembly gathered around the broken Bread and around the proclaimed Word, be our Tabor, in which Jesus wants to manifest Himself to us, in which the cloud of the Spirit wants to envelop us and open our ears in which the voice of the Father will speak to us as on the day of baptism: "This is my beloved son, listen to him", the same confession of Calvary on the lips of the Roman soldier: "Truly this is the Son of God" .

The Tabor that we have to climb, like a dream that will come true in the permanent Transfiguration of Easter.

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