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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday July 3rd 2022

Sunday Readings: Is 66, 10-14; Gal 6, 14-18; Lk 10, 1-12

The first disciples, sent by Jesus, go out carrying a message of salvation for all. Jesus sends us to the whole world, to all humanity, because we all suffer from problems, tensions, injustices, threats, suffering, etc. There is much need everywhere. But the message of Jesus fills us with hope.

Jesus puts us on the road, the mission is not only for the apostles, but the task is also for all the disciples. The whole life is a preparation for the path through which Jesus is coming. We are going to find wolves, but as disciples of Christ we must act like lambs because we are going on a mission of peace.

To communicate peace, we must carry it within ourselves. Each of us are bearers of that peace. The peace that is given and transmitted is the peace that we find in the Lord, the peace that he leaves us, the one that he gives us. A peace that heals, that never ceases to do good.

We do not need to carry things, rather it is about going light with luggage. The attitude must be to show full trust in Divine Providence. We know that evil has been defeated, it has been precipitated by the force of the One who wants to inscribe all our names in the book of life, in the place where God dwells.

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