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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday September 25th, 2022

Sunday Readings: Am 6, 4-7;

1Tim 6, 11-16;

Lk 16, 19-31

The prophet Amos denounces consumerism focused on the enjoyment of material goods and the neglect and contempt of those who suffer. Those who live in luxury can easily ignore the suffering of others. For this reason, the prophet warns, that those who act this way will end up suffering a fate like that of those they despised.

Saint Paul exhorts his disciple Timothy to behave like a man of God and lists the qualities that he should have justice, piety, faith, love, patience, and delicacy. Jesus Christ is the path that leads us to a full life, to a life of total communion with God and with our brothers.

Excesses often make us selfish, and blind us to perceive the needs of others. The rich man's greatest sin is his insensitivity, his blindness to the need of Lazarus, who, at the door of his house, longed to be satisfied with the crumbs from his table, but never received compassion.

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