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The phrase "The distanced Church" comes from the much talked concept of social distancing. Which refers to maintaining space between oneself and others in social settings. It also has the connotation of people who consciously avoid crowds or are forbidden to gather in groups and maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet.

How can we have Social distancing in the church, which is founded on the idea that we are a UNITED PEOPLE, THE BODY OF CHRIST? This social distancing, in the church creates a problem, since the members are physically separated, due to the health protocols that we have to comply with. However, as a church, we continue to be called to be the PEOPLE OF GOD, present and involved in the needs of the people. Therefore, we need to look for alternatives to meetings and physical spaces.

Technology has been a very useful alternative to this challenge presented today. We have necessarily learned a lot, and we continue to learn more. Our goal, as the community of St. Matthew, as a Distanced Church, is to seek the people of God, although physically separated, to be spiritually connected. That is our goal and our prayer.

Something new is happening in the church. I'm sure some never thought that the internet could be a tool for evangelization. And faced with the need to connect with our parishioners, we have had to rethink this idea. And we will continue to do so. We still have a long way to go, but we are in faith, walking where the Spirit of God tells us. We are the church, we are the People of God, let us remain united in the Lord.

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