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If we analyze our current society, we quickly draw the conclusion of a total failure: we find ourselves with a divided world and an unequal world. Nobody doubts the social crisis. Those who dedicate themselves to social tasks and helping others experience difficulties every day, in addition to the scant collaboration and indifference of many.

We also suffer crisis in the Church. From our communities we see how the majority of the people ignore the faith; and those of us who are…, we have not just committed ourselves, and the environment that surrounds us in many communities is not the most typical of a Christian.

And our own personal path is often strewn with mistakes. However, the message of the mustard seed tells us that, despite all appearances, the Kingdom of God is growing, and that humanity is walking forward. A Kingdom that appears in our world as something small, weak, apparently ineffective within the human structure, but carrying in itself the possibility of transforming society into what God always wanted it to be.

Generally, we tend to seek God in the spectacular and marvelous, not in the small and insignificant. That is why it was difficult to believe Jesus when he said that God was already at work in the world. Where is its power? Where are the "extraordinary signs"? Jesus had to teach us to grasp God's saving presence in another way. Jesus discovered that life is more than what is seen. While we are living in a distracted way without catching anything special, something mysterious is already happening inside life.

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