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SUNDAY OF PENTECOST. Reflection of the Word of God

"If you love me, tell me", this is the cry of every person when we are involved in most forms of relationships. Those of us who love want to be sure, as do parents and children, siblings, friends, even pastors, that this relationship we are in is real. And the only way to know for sure is to see that love in action.

Fortunately, our primary relationship with our Creator is not in jeopardy, even though we cannot see it. God is very good at showing us his love and passion for us. God proves that divine love is real with deeds wherever we see:

· Creation itself, the world, the wonderful land in which humanity establishes itself like a pearl in its own velvet case.

· In the history of salvation, we see a litany of extraordinary events where God guarantees our happiness and freedom.

· In the incarnate Word, Jesus, who dwelt among us, teaches us, heals, liberates, dies, and rises again.

· And in every moment of prayer where we receive another sign that God is with us and divine love is going nowhere without us.

And then there is also the Paraclete. Perhaps the deepest measure of devotion is his faithful presence:

· Stays in a long-term relationship.

· God's devotion to us is not one night,

· It is not an empty promise.

· God is not a friend for the good times nothing more or conditional.

· We don't have to just do the right thing to deserve God's love.

But once we are convinced of his love, there is one thing we can do: we can show him our love in return. And Jesus tells us how to do it: He says that the sign that God is looking for is fidelity to the main commandments: Love God and love one another.

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