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  • Fr. Tarcisio

The Eucharist in time of Covid-19

Since the beginning of this pandemic and the impossibility of meeting in the church, we have had to find new ways to participate in the Eucharist. Social networks and technology have been of great help to transmit the Eucharistic celebration, with its advantages and disadvantages.

It has been difficult to adapt to this new reality and to live the sacraments from home, since gathering around a screen will never be the same as gathering around the altar. But still it is possible to listen to the message of the word of God, the reflection offered by the priest in the homily and be united in prayer putting our personal and family intentions, asking for each other in the community. And the most important thing is the spiritual communion that we receive in our hearts, as an act of faith and trust in our God who is everywhere. It is also important to remember that the Eucharist is for life, with the message it offers us, the spiritual food we receive and the commitment to recognize Jesus in the little ones, and those most in need.

So let us learn to live the Eucharist in these difficult times, with faith, with devotion, remembering that Jesus gives himself as food for everyone who wants to receive him, no matter wherever we are.

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