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At the end of January of this year, we had started with great enthusiasm the Spring Catechism course. However, we were forced to interrupt classes due to the COVID 19 pandemic. So far, we have not been able to resume the Course, so young people and adults who were preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation will have to wait till the sanitary conditions improve to resume with their training.

In the meantime, how can we continue to prepare? Certainly, the classes are a formal requirement to verify that the candidates for this sacrament receive an adequate formation, but the Confirmation of the faith does not depend solely on the Catechism classes. In the Sacrament of Confirmation, the baptized is strengthened by the gift of the Holy Spirit. The person unites more consciously with the community (the Church), and reaches a mature age on his path as a believer and is able to defend and transmit his faith. This path to maturity is something that we must go through every day, in our way of praying, believing, doing good; in a word, in the effort to love God above all things and neighbor as oneself.

The time will come when we can receive Confirmation, but in the meantime, we must continue to believe in God, that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and he lives in us, if we let him enter our life. Just because we can't go to mass doesn't mean we can't stay in communication with God through prayer or reading the Bible. Remember that we are still Christians, even though we cannot meet in church on Sundays, nor can we attend our catechism classes.

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