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THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME. Reflection of the Word of God

Today the Gospel takes us to the beginning of the public activity of Jesus and expresses to us the essential content of the Lord's message, which is the proximity of the Kingdom and the call to conversion. This activity begins precisely when John the Baptist was arrested. Christ invites his first disciples to form the new people of God. With Jesus a new time begins.

The great news is that the Kingdom of God is "good news." Furthermore, this good news is not a future promise, rather "the time has been fulfilled" and the Kingdom is present. Jesus himself is the good news, that God reigns, that he is already among us and it is possible to meet him. Jesus calls us and invites us to be his disciples.

The important thing about this news is that the presence of Christ and the possibility of meeting Him is not reserved for a few people, it is a divine presence accessible to all. Jesus himself is the gateway to his Kingdom. It is possible to enter that Kingdom and live according to what God asks of us because Jesus himself is in our midst, He is here.

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