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  • Fr. Martin

THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER. Reflection of the Word of God

Sunday Readings:

Acts 5, 27-32. 40-41;

Apoc 5, 11-14;

Jn 21, 1-19

The Word of God speaks to us of faith in the Resurrection as a long process. Christ's death discouraged the disciples and caused their dispersion. The disciples return home, to daily life, to their usual occupations, to return to being just fishermen.

Many times, the effort to get food for each day seems to be in vain: they did not catch anything. But there are also very good things that happen in daily life, the light arrives. The clarity of dawn allows one to see, but it is not always possible to recognize… This is what happens to the disciples: they see without recognizing. It is a faith that is still insecure, immature, and wavering.

The presence of Jesus makes things change after scarcity comes abundance, the net fills with big fish. The network represents the entire world, it does not exclude anyone, it brings everyone together regardless of differences and, despite this, it does not break. The presence of the Risen One generates unity and respects differences.

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