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  • Fr. Martin

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time. Reflection of the Word of God.

Today's Gospel is a catechesis on the meaning of Jesus as the (anointed) Messiah and is made concrete by announcing his passion. Many expected a triumphant Messiah, who would subdue Israel's enemies by force. Jesus, instead. It tells us that his triumph will only come after his death, through the resurrection.

On the way of the cross, the enemies of Jesus are not sinful people, but only their sins; therefore, his plan is to free everyone from the power of sin that subdues them. For this, it is necessary to renounce everything that implies an alliance with any form of evil, and you should never submit others through violence.

The way of the cross is that of self-denial, it is giving life. Taking up the cross means choosing love and surrender, attention to others, forgiveness. Also, when I'm not doing so well, when I experience pain or limitation, when I feel not only the goodness of love, but also its weight. Taking up the cross, Saint Paul tells us, is working to present one's life as a living host, holy and pleasing to God.

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