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What does the Word of God tell us this Palm Sunday?

Today Palm Sunday, we witness the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. In the gospel we also remember his passion and his death on the Cross. It is a day of joy and sadness because, on the one hand, the people enthusiastically welcome Jesus as God's envoy, and in a few days, they change their minds and cry out for his death.

The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, received as the one who "comes in the name of the Lord" is the expression of a faith and a hope that will not be disappointed, despite all appearances to the contrary. Many will feel the death of Jesus as his own defeat, that of his hopes. Many others will know that Jesus is the light that illuminates the darkness of life and maintains our hope.

We are aware of the evil that abounds in the world, but we cannot allow ourselves to think that evil will be victorious. Through faith in Jesus, we know that there is another possibility, the one that comes from the person of Christ, from the giving of him out of love, from his eternal fidelity. With our good deeds let us choose to follow Christ and allow him to enter our hearts triumphantly.

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