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  • Fr. Martin

What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday?

Today's Gospel seems to invite us to put our family relationships second and to center our love exclusively on Jesus Christ. It may seem like it, but it is not. Jesus does not ask that we stop loving our relatives, but that love for Him must be at the top, at the highest, in the place of honor of our love.

The salvation that Jesus has come to bring us is precisely to strengthen our family relationships, so that through love for Christ we can genuinely love our family. Loving our own father, mother, brothers, or children through Christ; It is the best way to come to love them fully, because by loving Christ, we purify ourselves and thus improve our capacity to love.

Saint Paul helps us understand the quality of love for Christ. Love of Christ means an "incorporation" into his person. This means being open to the needs of others, forgiving when we are offended, avoiding revenge, gossip, and offenses. Naturally, there are many obstacles to living like this, but let us be confident with Jesus, He guides us to grow in our love.

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