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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? August 20th 2023

For the children of Israel, the Jewish people, it was unthinkable that foreigners could be part of the chosen people, but the prophet Isaiah announces God's desire that all participate in salvation.

Horizons broaden. It is the great announcement of the universality of salvation. And in the face of this great news, it motivates us to keep the right and to practice justice.

Saint Paul in the 2nd. The reading tells us that Jews or foreigners are all in need of God's mercy, therefore the Good News (The Gospel) is intended for everyone.

Jesus does not leave anyone outside of salvation. With Christ a great change is inaugurated: The end of religious exclusivism.

He told the Canaanite woman: "Woman, how great is your faith... May what you desire come true" (Mt 15:28). The horizon of salvation opens to all.

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