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  • P. Martin

What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? February 11, 2024

In an instant, your life can change: “In an instant his leprosy disappeared.” This is the scene that today's gospel presents to us. A leper was excluded from society because according to traditions, his leprosy was the consequence of a sin. To approach him or touch him was to become a participant in his sin.


 The leper approaches Jesus who welcomes him and listens to him. Surely this man knew about the fame of Jesus and some faith was already beginning to be born in his heart. He approached, knelt, recognizing his reality as an impure man, and said a phrase that is a wonderful synthesis of faith, trust, and abandonment in the hands of Jesus: “If you want, you can heal me.”


 Let us analyze the two parts of this phrase: "If you want..." is like saying: 'You are the one who decides, I simply propose'. “You can clean me.” The leper abandons himself completely in the hands of Jesus. He opens himself to hope and total trust in Christ.


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