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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? February 4th, 2024

Many times, our life can seem tedious and routine. We can fall into depression and meaninglessness, if we only live to covet the material goods that we would like to achieve... like the employee who only works for the interest of the pay (First reading).

In the Gospel we are shown what Jesus' daily journey was like, although his work was overwhelming because of the people who sought him and followed him... Fully dedicated to his mission, he sought time to be alone with God. He began at dawn with prayer and from that meeting with his Father he drew strength to announce the Good News, to heal the sick and to welcome them with tenderness, and to not fall before the temptation of a false messianism.

 In the second reading: Saint Paul teaches us to imitate Christ, he works in evangelization without other materialistic or monetary interest, or vain protagonism. Only for the love of God and focused on everyone knowing Jesus and recognizing him as The Messiah that he gives true meaning to the existence of every human being.

 For the Apostle, bringing the message of salvation to everyone is his passion and his only reward: “Woe to me if I do not proclaim the Gospel.”


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