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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? June 16th, 2024

The Prophet Ezekiel says that God will plant a tender shoot on a high mountain in Israel, which will grow until it gives shade, and all kinds of people will come to shelter. He announces the nation's reconstruction because that tender branch is a king who will unite and defend his people.


 Saint Paul uses the image of exile to defend himself against various accusations and reminds the Corinthians what his stay among them was like and what their interests were so that they discern the false from the true.


 Parables are simple examples that make us think and teach us truths about the Kingdom of God. The first speaks of what every farmer knows but does not master or can determine: the growth and development of the seed he has scattered. Something similar happens with the Kingdom of God, which grows mysteriously until it transforms people so that they bear extraordinary fruit.



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