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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? March 21 st., Fifth Sunday of Lent

The Prophet Jeremiah tells of a New Covenant, superior to the one which God made with Abraham and the people of Israel. A covenant that is final and eternal in the final days, when He sends the Messiah!

A perfect match, when He puts His law in our hearts and it is based on obedience to our mandates. Thus, He will forgive our faults and sins and lead us by the hand to eternal life!

The letter to the Hebrews completes what Jeremiah told us, telling us that the maker of this new covenant with God, the Father is done by the Son, becoming obedient unto death on the cross, forgiving our faults and sins so totally and free, and teaching us to obey, to thereby attain salvation and eternal life!

Finally, the Gospel enlightens us further, that Jesus, the beloved Son of the Father, teaches us by example the way of salvation and the fulfillment of the new covenant, suffering and dying on the cross, like the grain of wheat that must die to give life to have fruit!

The engine of the new covenant is love, and with love and all the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, the fulfillment of the salvific will of our loving Father who is both our God and Lord, is a delicacy and a delight, as it was for Jesus, our Savior and head of the church, which would say to His apostles, that doing the will of His Father was like a delicious meal!

Hopefully pondering in Jesus Christ’s salvation won for us by his passion and resurrection, we decide to live each day attached to the loving obedience of the will of God, always doing what is good, fair and according to the great commandment of love, and always looking for the glory of God in all actions of our daily lives! Amen!

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