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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? May 3th

First Reading (Acts 2:14.36-41): Called to Follow Christ

On the day of Pentecost, Peter invites the Jews to follow Jesus Christ whom they have crucified. Through baptism they will be forgiven, they will belong to him and his community, and the Holy Spirit will guide them.

Second Reading (1 Pe 2:20b-25): Saved by our Shepherd

In a world full of injustice and suffering, we feel like lost sheep. Jesus has shared our luck. Giving himself totally for us, he became our Shepherd.

Gospel (Jn 10:1-10): Called to Follow Our Shepherd

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who does not abuse his power, but knows us personally and is our door to lasting happiness and joy.

In this example, taken from the pastoral life, Jesus presents himself as the good shepherd; but not only as the good shepherd, but as the gate through which the sheep enter to protect themselves from dangers and to go out to feed. There are two ways to enter the sheepfold. It all depends on what one intends to do with the herd. If someone approaches the sheepfold and "does not enter through the door" but jumps "elsewhere", it is evident that he is not the shepherd. He does not come to take care of his flock. He is "a stranger" who comes to "steal, kill, and harm."

The work of the true pastor is very different. As he approaches the sheepfold, he "enters through the gate," he calls the sheep by name and they attend to his voice. He takes them outside and, when he has gathered them all, he takes the lead without threats, without instilling fear and walks in front of them towards the pastures where they can feed.

The example of the gate suggests that Jesus is the one who protects us in times of darkness and leads us to life. He invites us to listen to his voice, to recognize him without being deceived by other voices, other doors, and to follow him, to places where we can live and be safe.

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