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  • P. Tarcisio

What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? September 3rd, 2023

Take up Your Cross and Follow Me

The prophet Jeremiah complains to God, because his mission brings him problems. However, he continues to trust in God and continues his task. He does not back down, despite his difficulties and is not afraid to show his human weakness, his doubts, his disagreements. But at the same time, he recognizes that the presence of God in his life gives him such a strength that he cannot resist or contain.

Jesus predicts his passion and resurrection. He then asks his disciples to follow him on the path of the cross towards life. He does not promise them an easy path, they will go through rejection and testing. But they must trust that if he can triumph over pain and death, his disciples will also achieve the same reward.

Carrying the cross behind Jesus recalls the noble action of Simon of Cyrene, who helped him carry the cross to Calvary. When one's strength declines, it's good to have someone by our side to help us get up.

Fr Tarcisio

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