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  • Fr. Martin

What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? Third Sunday of Lent.

Today's Gospel tells us about the cleansing of the temple. It happened that the vendors had gradually invaded the space of the Temple, they were occupying the place reserved for God. Due to trade, the religious meaning of that sacred place was greatly lost.

Jesus recovers the sense of the house of the Lord, the temple is once again the place of encounter with God. The temple is once again a true house of prayer. We are invited to find in Jesus the true temple, the place of full communication with God, with whom one can pray in spirit and truth, it is his body, the very person of Jesus Christ.

The temple must be purified. Also, the temple that each one of us is must be purified. We are temples of God because the Holy Spirit lives in our being (1Cor 3, 16). Let us review our life and if there is something that steals God's space in our body, it is time to purify it with the help of the Lord.

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