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Sometimes we hear them say:

"I don't go to mass, because I don't feel anything... Mass doesn't tell me anything ... I just don't see any meaning in mass... I get bored at mass."

We have to say that Christianity is not a matter of feelings. It is a question of values. I don't go to mass because I feel something. Sometimes or some of us might feel and get excited. But the need to go to Mass does not depend on what I feel, but on the value of the Mass. Because Christianity is a question of values. Just as a mother may not feel like caring for a sick child; but if her child is a value to her, the mother loves the child, and takes care of him with pleasure, even if she doesn't feel like it; because the child is a value. When we act by values, values ​​are superior to feelings.

It is logical for a person who does not have a religious culture to say that the Mass does not say anything or that it does not make sense. Because they don't know what a Mass is. That is why we do not know how to appreciate it. To know how to appreciate a museum, you need to have culture. One who has no culture, comes to a museum and gets bored; because he does not know how to appreciate what the paintings or sculptures in a museum are worth. But a jewel does not lose value because there are people who do not know how to appreciate what that jewel is worth.

What is the Mass? An act of love for the Father. I come to mass to show the Father that I love him, that for me God is a value, and I gladly pay an act of worship. And since "actions are love and not good reasons," how do I show that I love God? Coming to mass and giving God a show of affection.

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