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  • Fr. Martin

XVI Sunday in Ordinary Time. Reflection of the Word of God.

The parable of the weeds that the Gospel presents to us today helps us to understand and overcome, with God's help, the presence of evil in the world and in the family. We often have the feeling that evil is much more powerful than good and, it seems, that those who practice evil do much better than those who do good.

Evil appears in the form of injustice, violence, corruption, poverty, marginalization, inequality, etc. ; It is also present in Catholic families: where the seed of the Word has found good soil and should produce the fruits of new life, it turns out that the bitter fruits of evil that Christ has come to combat also grow.

This parable teaches us that the origin of evil comes from the enemy of God. The weed seed was sown while "the people slept." Here sleeping means giving up, living irresponsibly. But the good news is that God has sown in us the seed of reason and freedom, each one is responsible for the world that God has entrusted to us and, above all, for ourselves and our family.

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