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The Cathedral of Saint Matthew’s Annual Health Fair will be held at the Parish Center on July 20th. It is a free event to the community, and we invite everyone to take part in the different family-oriented activities that promote health, wellness and well-being in general. As in previous years, Texas Children’s Hospital will be providing free vaccines and medical services for children 0-18 years of age. In addition, the following services will be offered: Carnival Dental & Braces: dental screenings for both children & adults; Foundation Latino Americana de Acción Social: HIV, Hepatitis Testing and Cholesterol screenings; Harris Health: Cholesterol screenings; Vecino Health Center: “Ask a Pediatrician Booth”, BMI, hearing and vision for kids, blood pressure and Glucose testing for adults. Gulf Coast Blood Center: a chance for the community to give back and donate blood.

Our health fair also includes: Back to school supplies and back packs for all the children present at the event. Lunch for children under 18 years of age provided by Houston Parks and Recreation. Houston Food Bank will host a Community Food giveaway. WIC Program will help scheduling appointments. And Harris County Lead Program will have Free Lead inspections of homes.

This is an event for our community, please keep us in your prayers for the success of our Health Fair, and many blessings to those donating their time and talents to make this a possibility every year

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