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Sacrament of Confirmation

On November 16th we have celebrated Confirmations in the Cathedral of Saint Matthew. We are happy with all the young people and adults who have finished their catechesis course and have learned a little more about their faith. And we must remember that Christian formation does not end with this course, but is continuous and permanent, because every day we can learn something new.

The sacrament of Confirmation is one of the three sacraments of Christian initiation, along with Baptism and Communion. The same word "Confirmation", which means to affirm or consolidate, tells us a lot, because by this sacrament, the baptized is strengthened with the gift of the Holy Spirit, to be a witness of Jesus Christ, with words and deeds. By him he is able to defend his faith and transmit it to others.

By Confirmation we become mature Christians and we can lead a more perfect, more active Christian life. It is the sacrament of Christian maturity and that makes us capable of witnessing Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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