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Virgin of Guadalupe

The feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe coincides with the time of preparation for Christmas, the time of Advent. Thus, this feast contributes to Christians preparing ourselves spiritually for the birth of our Savior.

This celebration of the virgin arouses great fervor in many believers throughout the Americas, and through different expressions of faith we celebrate the mother of Jesus; for example: many families have their altars at home with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe; In many places pilgrimages are made to the sanctuaries, the rosary is prayed, songs, mañanitas, dances ... all to celebrate the woman who accepted to be the mother of God.

Mary is a mother of God and is our mother, so she awakens so much confidence to ask her to intercede before God for all our needs; and, as a good mother, she has promised us her help and her company. Hopefully her example will help us to be better Christians, better people and that we behave like good children of God.

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