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Attending Mass on Sundays

Sunday is the day of Christ's resurrection. It is a day especially dedicated to rest, and to worship God. As it was on Saturday, in the Old Testament, for the people of Israel. After the resurrection, the first Christian communities began to meet on the first day of the week (Acts 20.7).

It is, therefore, a commitment of the Christian to attend the Church and respect Sunday. However, there are circumstances that do not allow us to fully comply with this precept; for example, people who work on Sundays, the sick who cannot leave home, when the person lives a long distance from the temple and has no transportation service, or when there is no celebration of the Eucharist due to lack of priests; circumstances, all of them , understandable. But there are other situations that we make as an excuse, and in those cases, we would be missing our Christian commitment: disinterest in things of faith, laziness, putting other non-essential activities first, etc.

Is it important for you to attend mass? What are your excuses for not attending? Mass is not an obligation, it is an encounter with God and with the brothers, so that we may feed on the Word of God and the Body and Blood of Christ to walk strong in life.

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