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Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, February 2nd

The Presentation of Jesus to the temple is the feast of the presentation of the son once the time of purification of the mother through prayer has expired, forty days after giving birth. Simeon and Ana represent the prophets who had lived with the hope of the Messiah, they represent the people of Israel who for years had been waiting for a Messiah who would come to save them and light the way for them.

The "Feast of the Candle" or "Candelaria Day" has the festive aspect of the procession with lit candles that represent the light of Christ in homes. Simeon proclaims Jesus as "the light of the nations and the glory of his people, Israel." With the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, the Savior comes to us, the light to illuminate our lives from the light of baptism, the glory of all men, called by baptism to be "bearers of light".

P. Martin

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