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  • P. Martin

Happy Mother's Day!

If you still have a mother / Give thanks to the Lord who loves you so much / Well, not every mortal could tell / Such great happiness or such holy pleasure" (E. Neumann). Mother's Day is to thank God, rejoice for our living mothers, and unite in prayer for deceased mothers.

Many of us cannot visit or see our mother because we live far from her. We do not have the opportunity to hug her and feel again the warmth of her love and the joy of being in her presence. However, thanks to the telephone, the internet, and prayer, we can keep in touch even from a distance.

Do you remember your mom at mass? Maybe she was telling you to behave in the house of God. Our mothers told us about the Virgin Mary and taught us to love Jesus. The Lord asked his mother to receive us as her children: "Woman, behold, your son." (Jn 19, 26), and to us he said, "Behold, your mother" (Jn 19:27)

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