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The image of Jesus as a good shepherd leads us to think of these lonely characters who travel through fields and mountains herding their flocks. His job is to protect, feed, heal, guide ... Historically, we do not know if Jesus ever carried out pastoral tasks, considering that his father, Joseph, was a carpenter. But this image was very familiar to his listeners and they understood it well, because herding had been a common occupation in Israel for centuries. Jesus had already used it frequently in his speeches (Mt 10: 5-6) and parables (Mt 25: 31-33) (Lk 15: 3-7).

Also, in the Old Testament we find that many prophets had used the shepherd's relationship with his sheep to describe God's relationship with his people Israel. At other times, however, it was the leaders of the nation who were considered "shepherds" of the people, although they were frequently denounced by the prophets as "false shepherds"(1 Kings 22:17) (Jer 10:21) (Jer 23.1-2).

Jesus is the Good Shepherd, He lovingly cares for each one of us, even giving his own life. And that is why, with this assurance, we can say Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. In green meadows he makes me rest to repair my strength”.

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