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New Year, New Life

We are at this stage of resuming our ordinary activities, after the end of the year holiday. Retaking the rhythm of activities is not always easy, because we often experience some physical and emotional exhaustion. However, we can resume those activities with a renewed spirit, knowing that we have another opportunity, one more year of life.


Do you have any goal to achieve this year? Is there an important event in your family, or in your person? And if there weren't, life itself is already an event that is worth celebrating and thanking. So courage, always go ahead.


The faith we have in God allows us to know that, despite the problems, we are not alone and that we have His constant help. Let's walk this new period of our life, with optimism and hope. Let's fight to achieve the goals that we have proposed and ask for the wisdom of God to always make the best decisions. 


Fr. Tarcisio


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