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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? December 13

There is one among you whom yo do not reconize

The apostle Saint John tells us today in the Gospel that the one who is to come is already in our midst and that we do not know him. We are invited to be attentive to the novelty that Jesus brings us to renew us. None of us can say that we already know everything about the Savior, no matter how much education or life experience we have, we need more knowledge. It is a call to continue learning about God.

When one expects to meet a person, who lives in another city, it produces an incredibly special feeling to be already at the meeting place, to know that that person is there, already close, somewhere, although you still cannot see him. This is what happens on this Sunday that makes us happy because Christ is almost born, we will almost meet the Christ Child, it is almost Christmas. That is why it is important to fill the heart with joy.

The best gift we can give Christ on this day is to fill our hearts with joy to give it to Him who comes to meet us. It is a new meeting, unique and totally different from other meetings. Jesus wants to reveal to us new aspects that we did not know, gifts for which we were not yet prepared, we must be aware to live a more authentic love with the birth of Christ in us.

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